Just like I said… the faggots flock to me like a moth to a flame. Website is up for one day, and already I have my first official slave. $100 a week tributes. Blackmail material gathered.

I bet he is home thinking about it…

“Oh Fuck… What did I do? $400 a month… How will I hide this from my partner? How am I going to pay my master? I need to pay my master. My master is the king.”

That is what he is thinking. I own him.

I am also a generous King when I choose to be. I may have a reward in store for him. He is very lucky that I have taken the time out of my life to recognize his payments to me.

That is what it means to be a slave. You have to make sacrifices for your master. You need show your master how powerful he is. You can never say no, and your faggot cock gets harder and you cum more the closer I take you to ruin.

You deserve no respect because you are a pathetic faggot. All your coworkers are just like you… just insignificant fucks slaving away to make the world a better place for alpha men like me to enjoy.

I’m going to bed now. In the morning I will no doubt have more drooling faggots fighting over a chance to be the second paying me weekly tributes. So fucking stupid and pathetic, thankfully they have a man like me here to teach them a lesson. To remind them just what they are good for.