**Faggots, Below is a post that was written by SydneySlave. This faggot is a prime example of how all of you should be living. Remember, your purpose in life is to make sacrifices and gladly hand over your cash to your God.**

Since becoming one of Master Jax’s official slaves, I’ve been looking for ways to better serve him. I don’t make massive amounts of money, so I’ve been looking at ways I can economize my life and tribute more to him.

For example, the other day, I was in a lower-rent part of town where a lot of students live, and I noticed a barber shop advertising $8 haircuts. I usually pay $25 for a haircut, but I have started going to the $8 place instead. And I asked them to buzz my hair extra short, so it will take longer to grow back.

There are expenses we can’t avoid, but we can spend less if we really put our minds to it.

I also switched brands of beer, to a cheaper brand. I don’t have to give up beer, but if I spend less on it then I can give him more.

As slaves, we all have expenses and a certain standard of living that we must maintain. But there is a tremendous thrill I feel now when I find a way to spend less on something, and I mentally keep that saved amount in my head and then I feel so happy when I then tribute that savings to Master Jax.

For example, today, by skipping that second cup of coffee and eating at a cheap sandwich shop for lunch, I was able to send Master Jax $6.50. It isn’t much, but it adds up, and it feels really good even giving him small amounts.

So make sure you watch at least one of his videos every morning, listen to his voice, look at his feet, and then think about how much you can save today, and how quickly you can send that where it really belongs — to Master Jax.