A true Master like myself has an easy life. My slaves are looking for ways to make my life better and free up time for me to enjoy my travels. One such slave, CodySlave, has shown his loyalty by creating a “Recon” page on my behalf and filtering the messages for me. He checks them everyday and makes a color coded spreadsheet of who has contacted me and what their likelihood of being a good paying slave is. Any requests to make tributes are forwarded to me via email. Here is a sample of quotes he compiled from my messages for the day…

This is the pic that the slave is going crazy over.

This is the pic that the slave is going crazy over.

“i have size 15 feet also … BUT… that pic of you in the pink shorts… dark blue top and hot blue sneaks.. makes me want to worship you… hell yeah!”

(i knew that shot was worth including in your profile!)

“i’ll paypal u 40 bucks to show I’m serious”

(this was sent after this slave’s first two messages were read and ignored)

“Excellent profile, Sir. I am now in Madrid (Goya near Retiro Park) for a week and would pay handsomely to worship at the feet of a superior Alpha King.”

“wow you really are a superior Master and I a pathetic fag..”