Read ZZ fantasy of serving me below…



Hello Master Jax,

First, I’d want your feet to be smelly sweaty and dirty. I’d put my face on the floor between your feet. I’d lick and smell your shoes, take them off, then suck on your feet with your socks on. I’d beg you to stuff my mouth with your socks. I’d want you to make me suck them dry and I’d want you to make me gag on them.

Then when you so kindly take them off, I’d lick each one of your toes and in between your toes cleaning the lint in between them. I’d lick your foot from heel to toe. Then I’d want you to lightly stomp on my face. After, if you would allow, I’d like you to sit on your couch, pull out your dick and start jerking off. Meanwhile, I’d be on the floor licking the bottom of your feet & looking at you  jack your dick. Maybe your balls will be sweaty and that sweaty will hit my body.

Finally, I’d want you to explode over my chest & then rub your feet on my chest and make me lick the cum from your toes.

My dirty imagination hehe. You seem like a handsome gentle giant with big feet & a big dick.
Thank you Master for reading and letting me write out my imagination.