Two days ago (on Jaxmas) I posted a video ordering my slaves to write me an email explaining why they are grateful for the opportunity to serve me. Here is CodySlave’s response. I will be visiting this slave in a couple weeks.

Dear Master Jax,

codyslave just got to see Your Christmas video and i am writing to express my deep gratitude for the purpose You bring to my life.

My days are so much more meaningful and clear when i have had a chance to serve You, to put my energy and attention into bringing You pleasure.  i crave the opportunity to put You before me – as it should be.  as your planned visit approaches, i find myself more and more eager to surrender myself to You in every imaginable way.  i cannot tell You how difficult the last few days have been without much contact from You.

I savor every moment of Your attention that i receive and humbly beg for the opportunity to work hard for You.  i realize i am inferior to You in every way, but being the presence of a Superior Man like You makes me realize the point of my life.  i am on this earth to serve You – and will continue to work hard to be one of Your best slaves, trying to earn Your attention and making You happy with me.

slave is truly honored that You wore the sandals i gave You in today’s video.  i hope they cradle Your godly feet and bring Master much-deserved comfort and pleasure.

I hope You had an enjoyable Christmas Master and really hope to earn whatever attention You might be willing to provide me in the coming days.

humbly and obediently Yours,