Just wanted to share with you footslaves an email response from my assignment in the Youtube Video I made (Day 9):

In this video I ordered my fans to send me a message letting me know what they would do if they got to worship me in real time.

Here is one response from SeanSlave:

“I want to start by thanking You for creating these YouTube videos of Your amazing feet. I stumbled onto them by total accident, but I can see why You have flocks of faggots serving You.

This email is me following the order You gave in Your Day 9 video to send an email about what we would do if given the chance to worship Your feet in real time. So my answer is below, Master. I hope You approve.

I would arrive at Your hotel room or home a few minutes early so to gather my composure. I would walk up to the door, kneel down with my eyes looking at the floor and knock to let You know I’ve arrived. Once You opened the door, I would immediately bend over and began showering your feet (whether in shoes, socks or bare) with kisses all while thanking You for the honor of letting faggots bask in Your glory.

From there, I would crawl inside behind You to wherever You decided to sit. I would make sure You’re 100% comfortable and have plenty of food and drink on hand while You relax. As You turn on the camera (so as to record my humiliations and worships in videos that You later can sell to other faggots) I fish out my wallet and phone and hand them to You. With my personal items in Your control, I would start by massaging Your left foot slowly with deliberate motions so as to provide as much pleasure as possible.

As I massage both feet, You rifle through my wallet, taking all the cash You want, writing down my personal information from my ID and grabbing my credit card to use later. You also use the information in my phone to get more information on me that You later can use to “persuade” me to do even more things for you. After the massage, I would lie on my back under Your feet. I’d take each heel in my mouth one at a time. I’d lick and suck on them, using my teeth to remove any dead skin You have on the heels.

After cleaning Your heels, I would begin slowly licking up the entirety of Your enormous feet. As I lick, You begin degrading me and asking me personal questions that I have to answer into the camera. After licking for a while, and with a tongue that’s now rough and sore, I would begin cleaning the toe lint from Your toes. I’d lick in between each, followed by sucking the toe clean. Using my tongue, I would pay special attention to each toe as to provide You with the best foot worship You’ve ever had.

Once Your feet have been thoroughly clean, I would groom them any way You’d like. If You wanted me to trim the toe hair, I would do that. I’d cut Your toenails as well. You could even make me eat them to prove just how pathetic I am as a faggot. After the grooming, I would get on my hands and knees in front of You so that You could use me as Your footstool. As I’m being Your footstool, You could either shove dirty socks in my mouth and make me suck them clean or put dirty shoes on the ground in front of my face and make me lick them clean as You rest Your perfect feet on my back.

Whenever You’re ready, we would leave and head out for a nice meal. During the meal, You would find out more about me and what makes me tick as a fag so that You know what You can exploit later on. You would torture me throughout the meal by stretching out Your legs under the booth and resting Your feet on my lap, but forbidding me from touching or even looking at them. You could further humiliate me by spitting into my drink and making me drink it like it’s nothing. Of course, You’d pay for the meal with my credit card You took from my wallet.

From the meal, we would go to a few stores of Your choosing, getting You what You wanted. Hopefully, You’d want to go get some shoes and would make me take off Your shoes and put on the new ones in public as You try them on, Sir.

After the shopping, we’d return to your hotel or place, where I’d once again clean Your feet before gathering my items and crawling out the door like a good fag.”