It the spirit of Thanksgiving I asked you guys to email me a list of the 10 things you like most about me… you know, to show what you are thankful for. Here is a submission from ChrisSlave:

1. The scruff. Woof.
2. The almost cocky confidence.
3. Your raspy, sultry voice.
4. The low angle looking up at you like a giant in your vids. Macro fan here
5. How tall you are.
6. The way you verbalize your thoughts. Favorite scene in the one vid “imagine standing under my toe as i squash you. That’s right where you belong.” I lost it.
7. That little growl you do when you squeeze your toes sometimes. It’s gruff and hella sexy.
8. Your big feet, of course!
9. The way you put yourself above slaves, but are never cruel or inhumane about it.
10. How approachable you are! You encourage us to be vocal with you and tell you what we like. That is perhaps the best quality of all.

Submit your list and maybe you will be featured on my site…