The pigs are lining up at my Alpha Trough. Greedy to taste their Master’s Ambrosia. And feasting on my abuse are they ever.

As you can see, I am new to the scene. The beast was awakened in me two days ago. This website and numerous accounts were created within 24-hours. Only a Master of superior intellect and skills could arrange so much in so short a time.

You are witnessing the birth of a GOD. And I am here to save you pathetic starving faggot slaves from these fake beta-masters. These drug addicted, skinny, unintelligent, unskilled, and impotent, faggot imposters that you slaves have been forced to deal with for so long can step aside now, because your GOD is here to lead you into paradise.

That’s what I keep hearing from the faggots that have found me over the last day. Yeah DAY… That is all it takes for a real Master to gain slaves… a DAY. All these faggots keep saying the same thing, “Finally, I found what I have been searching for my whole life; it is you, Master JAX”

Here is an example from today… A slave I have taken for a couple hundred dollars over the last 24 hours appears. I surprise him. I skype video call him. I abuse him.


He has been searching out Masters on all the sites for 13 years… If there is a faggot that is going to know a GOD when he sees it, it is this old pathetic bitch. Let this be a message to you. You are reading this because you already know what this old fag knows. I am a GOD. I have appeared in full power out of nowhere and now you are going to get raped and owned for the rest of your life.

Listen to what he has to say about me.

Master JAX is a GOD

All the other beta-masters in your past mean nothing. You can now put it all in perspective. You have to taste the honey to know what’s rotten. Now you know that you have been getting played by beta-masters for years. But, now you faggots…. Now you can smile. Because I am here.

You already know it is too late to stop if you reading this now… your blood is pumping, your mind is caving in. It is hopeless. If you are this far, you are a lost cause. You just found the GOD you knew had to exist somewhere out there. I have already won.

Maybe it will happen in 30 seconds… Maybe it will happen in 30 days… but the constant is that my Alpha seed has been planted in your faggot brain. And I am so powerful, that it will grow and consume you until you come back and give in to me.

Fuck! You are so stupid. I do not even have to try and I already own you.

This is the link you will come back to and click when you are ready to pay your initial tribute to the king. This is when you take the next INEVITABLE step towards being an official JAX slave.

Click Below, Faggot!