Imagine it. $3,500 cash in your hands. You worked hard for this. You just lost your job, but at least you have your last paycheck to tie you over. But what should you do with that cash? Should you put it in your saving’s account? Should you pre-pay your mortgage?

Fuck NO.

You should drive to Bank of America and deposit the cash directly into Master Jax’s account.

This is the type of service my slaves bring to me. They sign their lives over to me like SFSlave—completely overcome by their need to be at my huge size 15 feet. SFSlave has been serving me for a couple years now, and the faggot has tribute thousands of dollars to me. This is the second time the inferior cunt has lost his job, but through it all the fucker has no choice but to keep paying out the amounts and percentages detailed in our consensual blackmail contract.

Note from sfslave

SFSlave takes one look at my big dick pissing into a bottle in the MexSlave vid, or starts scrolling through my pictures on Instagram—and the faggot’s brain responds exactly as nature designed it to. The faggot drools, the faggot listens to my commands, and the faggot does what it needs to do to please me.

SFSlave knew this was coming because the amount was dictated by our existing contract which requires it to pay me 6.5% of his commission payments plus $250 a month. With his new job (the one he also just lost) he did not get his commission check until he was fired, which means bad news for the faggot, but a big fucking payday for me.

As instructed I had the faggot take a picture of his deposit while it was at the bank. I gave the slave my account number and he walked up to the counter and handed over that big fucking chunk of cash. What I love about this method is that there are no fees, there is no limit, and everything is instantaneous. I like this method so much, that on the same day and at the same time as SFSlave was doing his deposit, I also had @fholeslave making a $200 Club deposit at BoA in a different state.

2017-03-06 09.33.58

In the course of about 10 minutes I had $3,700.00 of fag cash deposited directly into my bank acct! Just wait until I update the CASH LOG with all this.

2017-03-06 09.49.34

FHoleSlave deposits $200 on top of SFSlave $3,500 tribute

That’s the power of being a superior male. That’s a power you faggots are very lucky to be serving.

You know SFSlave said to me after he made his tribute?


Next week the faggot’s March payment of $250 is due. I fucking love my life.

Also. In exactly 56 days I will heading on an epic vacation to Europe for the summer. I am adding some additional travel and camera equipment to my Amazon Wishlist, and I expect you faggots to be purchasing everything fucking thing I want just like you did when you filled my JaxPad with furniture. There are always ways to serve your King, big and small. The key is for each of you to do as much as you can so that the result is greater than any one of you could produce.