Fuckers. I am finally getting settled into my Florida life, and the hurricane and shitty weather is giving me a chance to write a quick blog update.

One of my favorite fags to drain returned to his Master after a brief period of trying to control his desire to serve. While he knows it is futile and once a slave, always a slave, I love to watch when faggots think they can break the cycle. They torture and torment themselves, and eventually come right back to drain all that cash they saved up and max out those credit cards again. Cycle of Servitude is what I call it.

FrenchFaggot is one of the lowest of low life fucks, and after disappearing from Skype for a couple weeks, I knew the time was right when I saw his name appear in my website chatroom.

Just to have a little fun with the fucker every time he sent a tribute I would just respond with a photo of my huge size 15 feet and the amount of cash he tributed. This drove the fucker crazy and over and over again he clicked my TRIBUTE button.

All in all the faggot was out a quick $110 and more cash entered my pocket. Gotta love my life.

Don’t wait for my command, show some real initiative and tribute without even being asked. I deserve nothing less.

Master Jax's Huge Size 15 Feet with FrenchFaggot's cash.

Master Jax’s Huge Size 15 Feet with FrenchFaggot’s cash.