Master Jax,

I just got home.

I hope you know how grateful I am to have been given the chance the worship your feet tonight. When you had your bare size 15s piled on my face, I was in pure heaven. They felt so soft yet strong on my face, a feeling that I will never forget.

I wish that avocado I licked from your soles had somehow shrunk me down to an inch in height, irreversibly. Then I could truly be your slave for the rest of my life. Living in your shoes, wrapped up in your socks, owned by you completely. It would be a wonderful way for this slave to see the world, at the feet of a God.

AlexSlave Sniffing Foot Master Feet

Again, I cannot stress enough how much this night meant to me. I have struggled with my attraction to straight, dominant men, and it was a relief to be able to let go and let you control me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Master. I can only hope that someday I can once again serve you in person.


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