Fuckers, I am introducing a new type of blog post called Daily Details that I will be randomly posting to give you a better insight to just how powerful I am. At random, I will choose different days and share with you the details of that day’s cash rapes or whatever happened in my life.

Today I will be focusing on yesterday. A typical Sunday, which is normally a slower day. Technically the first tribute came in around 1:09am from ScottySlave. He is actually in the middle of a multi-day ongoing rape so this just picks up with the first tribute made yesterday—roughly one hour into the fucking day.

ScottySlave Convo 1a

Taking more cash from ScottySlave. The multi-day rape continues.

First it was a $15 tribute, then another $15 at 1:25am. After that I fell asleep. I woke up early to bring my new kayak into the shop for some upgrades. While at the marine shop I get a notification on my phone that ScottySlave has just tribute another $15 and my dick swells up—FUCK—only wearing my swim trunks which have very little resistance. Made for some awkward stares for the next few minutes from a couple of the customers, but whatever. At least you fags know it brings pleasure to my wallet and my dick every time I see a tribute come in 😉

Around the same time I checked my skype and saw that at 3:24am I had a message from @slutslave noting that he had just purchased me some Saucony running shoes from my Wishlist! Very nice. These run about $80.00 plus tax and shipping. You fags are dying to help me with my gym and training, which is anothe reason you are so lucky to have me around to put your cash to good work.


SlutSlave buying me new running shoes from Amazon.

At the kayak shop my new boat was the talk of the town. These are old pro kayakers and boaters who actually know the difference between a high end boat and a cheap Chinese one were in awe of my Finnish made beauty. I have nicknamed my kayak “The Baltic Beast” because it’s from a Finnish designer and manufacturer. The designer is a famous kayak racer, and he designed this boat specifically for long expeditions and bigger men with big feet (like me). It’s ironic because the first foreign country that I ever lived in was Finland at the age of 16 as an exchange student. Some of the you faggots probably remember that I was back in Finland a couple years ago just before moving to Mexico.

ScottySlave Convo 2

ScottySlave’s random cash tributes make my 8.5″ dick swell up in the kayak store- fucking awkward.

This kayak is fucking awesome, and after it is done with the customization I am doing she will be a boat fit for a King! That brings up something else. I added some kayaking gear that I want ordered ASAP for me from my Amazon Wishlist. The Suspendz Universal Boat Stand and the Deck Compass are must-have’s for me and there is no reason why I should pay for them when I have a team of slaves ready to please their king. Buy an item, then come back here to post a comment about which one you purchased and how happy it makes you to please me.

At 11am I get a message from @DickeySlave, and we chat a bit. I have him buy me the rivet set from my Amazon Wishlist and he also buys me a military style ruler for navigation– combined cost $18. He can’t believe how hot I continue to grow day by day as my muscles build up. I have been hitting the gym harder than ever, and I am very committed. You fuckers are going to be blown away to see what happens to me over the next few months 😉 Just fucking enjoy it and just keep sending me and my muscles lot of cash so we can grow bigger. I guess I am just letting my muscles grow into my feet and dick haha.


Amazon Gifts from DickeySlave

Throughout the day I randomly raped more cash from ScottySlave and listened to him shower me with praise—what a lucky fucker to have found such a perfect and huge Master. Another $15 at 12:23pm, 1:45pm, and 3:43pm. At some point during the process I took a nice long nap, which was fucking awesome.

Scotty Convo 3

And more cash from ScottySlave hahaha

FholeSlave messages me around noon 4pm and makes his first $25 tribute at 4:09pm. He also posts an updated on my homepage about the joys of living in my shadow. I spend some time letting the slave worship me and punishing him through a series of physical self-inflicted measures. Then I take another $35 of what is rightfully mine at 4:34pm.

FholeSlave Convo

$60 quick drain of the small dicked pussy FHoleSlave

At 4:43pm I take yet another $15 from ScottySlave before chatting with McPhersonSlave a bit and instructing him to purchase the $60 protein powder off my Amazon Wishlist. Sunday is recovery day from the gym, so it’s the one day of week I did not go and lift or run. Today I already had a session with my trainer and I will probably head back this evening to lift some more. All about the gains, faggots.

McPherson Skype

McPhersonSlave actually caught me on Skype to do his tribute. Look at my fucking arms… the growth is unstoppable! Feed the beast, faggots.

Sunday ended up being a pretty fucking legit day. Tribute totaled up like this:
$15.00 ScottySlave
$15.00 ScottySlave
$15.00 ScottySlave
$15.00 ScottySlave
$15.00 ScottySlave
$15.00 ScottySlave
$25.00 FHoleSlave
$35.00 FHoleSlave
$15.00 ScottySlave
$7.99 DickeySlave Amazon Gift
$9.95 DickeySlave Amazon Gift
$56.76 McPhersonSlave Amazon Gift
$80.00 SlutSlave Amazon Gift
$319.70 in cash and gifts for the day