You lucky fucks are in for a treat—another Daily Details blog post! It really does give me pleasure to write these posts. Going back over the conversations and tributes, adding up all the cash, thinking back on whatever awesome activity I was up to while not working or worrying about money- this is the life of a King.

Let me think back a couple days ago. It was a Saturday, the 29th, and I decided to take my girl for a road trip up to one of my favorite parks and check it out. The weather is perfect this time of year, and we were able to soak up the sun and gulf breezes. I brought a sandwich for lunch and ate it up on a hill overlooking the bay like a King surveying his dominion. In one of the exhibits at the park there is a room with a button that makes the lights turn off while a movie plays. My kinky bitch took this opportunity to suck a nice big load out of me. Literally a second after I finished busting an old couple walked in the door. Luckily they were practically blind and didn’t catch on to what just happened. After the park, I went into Nordstrom’s and bought a $85 baseball cap. I didn’t look at the price. I never do. It could have been $185 and I wouldn’t have cared.

After I got home I had a nice long soak in the hot tub, then I took a long nap on my couch. Around 7pm I woke up hungry for cash. I jumped on livecam and the slaves started popping up from the woodwork. First up was sockdawgslave. This a new slave that showed up and was awe struck by my giant size 15 feet. In just a couple minutes of chatting I drained a quick $60 from my little sock slut. First I told the faggot to tribute $35, but he fucked up and hit the $25 button. Then he did another $10 to correct his mistake. As a stupidity tax, I charged him an additional $25. Between the cash and seeing me on live cam the fucker nutted and in 5 minutes I made $60 from a faggot.

1 sockdawg

2 sockdawg

ScottySlave was the next faggot to take the bait. He messaged me through my website and we chatted for a minute before I took $20 from this broke faggot at 9:20PM. The fucker asked how my big dick was doing, and I let him know it got sucked earlier that day. This excited the faggot and he tributed another $20 to pleasure his Master. This is the type of service I love to see from my fuckers. In the middle of talking with ScottySlave, I got a message from CalebSlave, who was watching me on my live cam. Bam $25 tribute from this fucker at 9:45PM. Just like that another $65 from these two fucks.

3 scottyslave

4 calebslave

The next faggot I drained that night is my new @germanslv. This fucker and I chatted on a skype video call for quite some time about how he could serve me. Additionally, I got the slave super fucked up on jagermeister and poppers. We loaded up teamviewer and I proceeded to drain $140 off the worthless cunt.

The last faggot I drained is my PupUnderJaxSlave for a nice $200. The first tribute was a $100 payment to apologize for going quiet for the last few months. The second $100 was because my muscles wanted the cash while we were skyping. Read this faggot’s words and understand that happiness and purpose is only found through serving me.

Total for the day:
$60.00 – sockdawgslave
$40.00 – scottyslave
$25.00 – calebslave
$140.00 – germanslv
$200.00 – pupunderjax
Total – $465.00 in one day

5 PupUnderJax