Your generous Master has decided to treat you fag fuckers to another special treat—a DAILY DETAILS post. There was so much positive reaction to the last one that I know you fuckers will enjoy this one about yesterday, Oct 16th.

The morning started off pretty typical. Woke up and took a shit. Ironically, right after I did that, some sick ass faggot messages me about wanting to eat my shit and pay for it. Alright, I turn on the cam and flip him off a few times while he sniffs his poppers. Drain $75, then drain another $50… faggot nuts within 4 minutes, and I’m back to enjoying my morning. So that’s the first $125 within 5 minutes of waking up. Very fucking nice, @clueless19777


4-min man haha, slaves are pathetic

Feeling pretty good I jump on my live cam, which I have been using a lot the past few days; the slaves are fucking creaming their panties because of it. Doesn’t hurt that I’ve really upped my game at the gym and it is definitely showing.


Just a screenshot of me chilling out on my live cam.

First fag to fall prey to my live cam was BenSlave (@detguy74). We had chatted before on NiteFlirt. This faggot is struggling to get back on his feet after the financial collapse, but still always makes sure to put my pleasure ahead of everything else. So yesterday he was a good fuck and tributed $20, $25 and eventually another $15 later in the day. Actually I have a lot of fun watching BenSlave and SubSlave @sub4dom4 play against each other. Both tributing at the same time and matching each other, then tributing more to outdo the other. Live cam sessions are the fucking best.


BenSlave losing his shit over how amazing I am…

Since I brought up SubSlave, I might as well just tell you that this is one loyal and pathetic fuck. He has no control when it comes to serving me. A computer engineer, his logic is definitely correct in remembering that serving me comes before all else. We play this little game where I flick him off and then he has to tribute $10-20 each time. Sometimes this will go on for an hour or more while I am on live cam. I don’t even pay attention to him or the chat or his tributes. I just randomly flick off the cam while doing my shit and the cash flows in.

Yesterday I had SubSlave on a roll. His tributes were:
2:40pm – $10.00
2:54pm – $10.00
3:13pm – $20.00
3:21pm – $20.00
3:29pm – $15.00
3:43pm – $20.00
3:48pm – $15.00
TOTAL: $110.00 from SubSlave




Later in the day I was chatting with FHoleSlave on my Facebook page. He just purchased the Hamilton watch from my Amazon List in celebration of my birthday this week. Of the many things we chatted about he made sure to tell me how happy he was to see me opening his gift in my latest YouTube video. Actually two of the gifts I opened in that video were from this faggot. In addition, he also tributed cash yesterday, which is why I’m including any of this in the post. During our chats, I made the faggot spin some of my cash wheels and tribute. In total FHoleSlave tributed:

10:13pm -$20.00
9:39pm – $70.00
9:07pm – $25.00
TOTAL: $115.00 from FHoleSlave

Photo7 Need to edit

Moving on to DickeySlave… this piece of work is a constant source of entertainment. He’s fucking crazy about me, his life is a complete mess, but whatever… he serves me well, and that is really the only thing that makes his life worth living. But what a lucky fucker he is to have found me and be able to take his place as my personal piggy bank. Yesterday he made his first tribute at 1:40pm in the amount of $25.00. More tributes came last night when at 8:24pm the faggot tributed $20.00, and then at 8:32pm I had the fucker spin my cash wheel and ended up landing on $70.00… fucking nice. Total from DickeySlave yesterday: $115.00

Slave hit the $70 slot on the cash wheel and paid up just like a good bitch!

NikeSub is one of my loyal fuckers who had been quiet for the last couple months, but now is back serving me like a champ. Yesterday he happened to stumble upon my live cam and the group fag chat right at the same time I was draining SubSlave and BenSlave… it’s just like adding gasoline to a fag fire. These flamers lit right up. At 3:29pm @NikeSub tributed $40.00 when he could no longer resist watching the other two faggots tribute.


Next up is MarkusSlave. After I finished up the live cam session with NikeSub, SubSlave and BenSlave. MarkusSlave asked if he could see me for just a minute on Skype for a $25 tribute. I said sure, went over to Skype. When the fucker called me he was visibly stunned to be talking to me in person. Just to fuck with his head, I stood up and flashed my soft dick at the fucker. He couldn’t believe how big it was and literally orgasmed on the spot. Then I left with his money. That faggot lucked out big time. I am one of the only Masters that is genetically superior in every way and has no shyness proving it. Biggest feet, best body, best physique, most intelligent, biggest dick… everything. I have it all and I can always back it up… try getting some of these other “masters” to back up all their talk—from what other slaves tell me, it doesn’t happen.



hahaha. fucker came in less than 2 minutes of seeing me.

Photo 11

Fucking love my life hahaha. I have no competition!

Next I got a notification that a video had just been purchased from my website. Looks like JoshuaSlave bought AlexSlave and CodySlave Worship Master JAX Together Part 6 of 7. That means $25.00 in my pocket.

Photo 12

Screenshot from the vid JoshuaSlave bought from my vid store.

Around this time, I started getting hungry for dinner and I had plans to go out with some friends. @Jlen Slave messaged me on skype, and I told him I was walking out the door and to go pay $30.00 for my dinner. Of course the faggot did exactly as told.

photo 13

I hope you fuckers understand that this entire post is just yesterday. Now you can wrap your mind around the sort of empire I am building here. You are all just small cogs in a much bigger machine. And I am not even done, because now there is BobbieSlave. This is a relatively new slave who has been serving me well lately. For my upcoming birthday he is going to bake me a fucking cake haha! What a fag. This fucker is particularly obsessed with how large and perfect my body is—seems to be a recurring theme 😉 I had some fun with this fucker making him spin the cash wheels and pay up accordingly. His tributes are as follows:
7:30pm – $30.00
7:55pm – $35.00
8:21pm – $18.00
8:33pm – $65.00
TOTAL: $148.00 from BobbieSlave aka @plasticboi

photo 14

Last and definitely least is my @shiteatingfaggot who is responsible for the final two tributes of Oct 16th. At 10:38pm, he made his first tribute of $10.00, and then at 10:46 he made his second tribute of $15.00 all the while thanking his King like a good slave always should after paying tribute.

photo 15

Alright fuckers. Add it up.. That is $818.00 in cash tributes yesterday alone. That doesn’t include amazon gifts which I get pretty much daily. I can feel my power growing and growing, and I can’t fucking wait to see where this takes me. Enjoy the ride faggots. You are serving the most superior man on Earth!

Photo 16

Each email is a notification that I just got money from a fag. Look how many came in on Oct 16th… the whole page!