It’s been awhile since I last posted a blog update, but the draining has been continuing unabated. For the last few weeks I have focused my attention towards developing my twitter presence, which I have done with great success. Additionally, I have been working on editing and uploading some of my real-time footage that I have been holding in the vault.

Yesterday, I started the morning out with @armofag doing a cash wheel spin which resulted in the first tribute of the day, $15.00. Next it was @fholeslave ’s turn to tribute. He is one of my most loyal slaves and has been diligently tributing daily to me for over a week—yesterday the tribute was $20.00 at 9:32am.

After breakfast and a trip to the gym, I decided to upload some of the real-time videos that I recorded with @fholeslave. The three videos I uploaded for sale in my online video store include foot worship, spitting, smacking, ass sniffing, and piss drinking. One of the videos is $35 and the other two are each $50. Quality does not come cheap. @swaggaslave was the first faggot to purchase one of the new videos and he opted for “FHoleSlave Part 1 – Feet Worship and Spitting in Face” for $35.00.


Around this time a new faggot (@usage) approached me. He had been following me for some time on youtube and this website, as well as my newsletter. Today was his day to step up to the plate. I told the faggot that paying his inferiority tax would be a good way to initially introduce himself to me—he promptly complied and ended up paying out $150.00 at 2:49pm in taxes for being inferior as fuck. I then instructed it to purchase one of my videos, which he did for $30.00. We chatted for some time about how his previous Master/slave relationship ended and why he had accepted the fact that I am the most superior man and I am to be his King.

During this interaction, an old youtube viewer (@edje) messaged me requesting to purchase three videos and pay through paypal. I allowed him to do this and he sent $115.00 to me. Then he had some problems logging in and I made some adjustments to one of the security plugins on my website to allow him access. After watching the videos he returned to tell me how much he liked them and that he will be purchasing more videos soon.

paypal 600x798

Then I got a notification of a google wallet tribute of $50.00 which had been paid by CalebSlave, who is very loyal and has served me for years. We mostly communicate via facebook, so I messaged him on there acknowledging his tribute and service. He melted at my words. He belongs to be, just like all of you do. He thanked me profusely for taking his cash and marveled at how big and powerful my feet and dick are.


I decided to head out to one of my favorite resorts on the beach for the Memorial Day celebrations. The cost of the room was nothing compared to the amount I have been raping lately, and I deserve the nice things in life.

I checked my phone before dinner and saw that @lonslave had just purchased “FHoleSlave Part 2 – Ass Sniffing, Foot Licking, Spitting, Smacking with Feet Fag Abuse” for $50.00. Those tributes just keep flowing in and adding up in my bank account. Gotta love being the best.

After dinner I checked my phone to see that @robrob71 was the first faggot to purchase all three of the new videos. Congrats, faggot. The total cost for the three videos was $135.00. So fucking powerful.

The cash I raped all day made me horny as fuck, and I found my prey at the beach tiki bar. Florida is full of dumb tourists looking to service a tanned god with the fat dick. I fell asleep drained after a long day of draining… Total for the day: $600.00 even.