Fuckers, last week was amazing. It was the first week of February, and in just 7 days I collected over $2,000 from you faggots. This does not even include all the Amazon gifts you fucks have been buying me for my new Jax Pad. By the way, if you have not yet purchased me a gift, get your little faggot ass on that! It is important that my new palace is furnished completely by my slaves.

While last week had a lot of drains, the one that sticks out the most in my mind is taking almost $500 from little DadSlave. The faggot has been serving me for several months now, and for the most part he does a good job. He is completely inferior to me in every way, but somehow he manages to please me by making sacrifices in his life to contribute to my amazing existence.

Since December of last year, FagFeetSlave had been the #1 cash fag in my 200 Club, which is a club for the most dedicated slaves. These slaves save up so that they can tribute $200 in a single transaction. FagFeetSlave had done this 5 times and DadSlave only 3. But last week DadSlave hit the “Tribute $200” two more times and is now tied with FagFeet.

Now the question is which one will break the tie… or will another faggot sweep in and take the lead completely?

DadSlave in the Lead

Other notable slaves include my consistent little AntSlave  and SydneySlave. BitchFaggot has also been doing his part paying my bills and working to purchase me gifts on Amazon which always brings me pleasure. SFSlave paid a $50 fine for having a bitchy attitude with me, and luckily he found another job so he can afford his $250 a month contractual payment.

Yes fuckers, life is good in the Land of Jax.

Cash Master Walking Around Mexico City

Cash Master Walking Around Mexico City