DadSlave is probably one of the sickest of you cash faggots. Try as the little fucker might, he is too far lost to me to have any chance of ever returning to a “normal” life—nor should any faggot be cursed with that. Being the generous Master that I am, I allow DadSlave brief periods of time to pay off credit cards and get an illusion that it has its life together. And right when the faggot is least expecting I pounce on my prey and take the cash that is naturally mine.

This could be a darker version of Darwinism, but the sick, weak and stupid are here for intelligent alpha Masters to drain and exploit.

What DadSlave calls a sickness is actually just instinct. Being weak, being inferior, being out of control and needing a Master like myself is exactly why this fucker was born. The same reason I am born a King and hungry to take the cash of my slave… he is born a working tool. A worthless, powerless, pathetic drone with no other use in life except to increase my power.

And that is why today I milked another $200 tribute from my faggot after letting the little fucker lay dormant for a couple weeks. I will take another $100 very soon, and this faggot has no choice. His failure to please me would piss me off. And when I get pissed off, slaves get ruined.

The good news for DadSlave… he is now the Number 1 slave in the 200 Club. He actually overtook FagFeetSlave. This is as much a badge of pride as it is a testament to how fucking inferior DadSlave is compared to my overwhelming power.

Straight Cash Master Legs

Look at these fucking hairy alpha legs and size 15 feet. You will never get to touch these, but you can send them your cash! hahaha