CodySlave has been loyally serving me for a while now. He is one of my original slaves and has completely fallen under my spell. By doing nothing other than just being me and allowing him a few moments of my attention, he has naturally surrendered to my power. He obediently serves me doing anything I want done and giving me anything I desire. When I ignore it, it just sits there waiting and thanking me.


Being the awesome Master that I am, I gave CodySlave the gift of buying my plane tickets to Boston and then down to Mexico from there. In my brief layover, CodySlave will serve me like the inferior beta he is. Yesterday slave told me it got a Nordstrom’s giftcard for Xmas, and I instructed him not to use because I will be putting it to use next week.

I will be taking videos of our sessions. There is even a possibility of a live skype broadcast. What sort of shit do you slaves crave seeing me do to CodySlave? Send your slave fantasies to or leave a comment on this post.

I might even start a poll and let you vote on different ways to make CodySlave worship me. How does that make you feel?