Well slaves, I am back from the real-time meet with RJSlave in Tennessee. The trip was pretty fucking awesome as RJSlave knows how to treat a King right. To begin with, the slave and I had been communicating via Skype for about 2 month prior to arranging the meetup and had tribute several hundred dollars. This helped to build up trust, as there as many fakes in the scene.

Around the beginning of June, RJSlave messaged me to see if I was free for a real-time meet in the next few weeks. We nailed down the dates of June 17-20, and I instructed the slave to tribute $100 and buy my plane tickets. Like a good faggot, RJSlave immediately purchased my roundtrip tickets and made arrangements to pick me up at the airport.

2015-06-20 13.22.24

During my 3 night stay with the slave I had a blast. Between driving to the ATM and taking his card to drain $500 from his checking account and having him buy all my meals, alcohol, clothes, shoes, etc… I financially milked the faggot good. Additionally, I had the pleasure of stepping all over this slave’s face, making the slave tongue clean my shoes and soles, using the slave’s teeth to scrape the dead skin off my feet, using the slave’s mouth as my ashtray, slapping the slave, spitting on the slave, whipping the slave with my belt… and some more shit I don’t remember right now.

One night I made the slave drive us out to pick up some pizza, and during the trip I kept shoving my socked foot in the slave’s face while recording it with my cell phone. Despite being an inferior faggot, the slave still managed to stay on the road. Later, I would reward him by letting him breathe through my huge toes. My favorite part was fucking with the slave mentally… Confusing him… going from chill Master to cruel Master to eventually grabbing my belt and whipping the fuck out of him. One second it’s calm, the next he is curled up in the fetal position whimpering in anticipation of the next lashing.


Standing on RJSlave while I order myself some custom Adidas tennis shoes using his credit card ($150)


The trip was definitely what I needed after moving to Mexico and finding the perfect apartment. Was refreshing to get back in US and fuck up an inferior faggot. I pretty much just hung out in the slave’s house and relaxed in between sessions. In the process I also took a few Wii video games and some new clothes the slave had purchased for himself. Today, I got a sick pleasure sending RJSlave a message while playing my new Wii game bragging about how much fun I was having… And guess where RJSlave is now… at work. Something I will never have to bother with.

Want to see what it is like to chill with Master Jax? You can check out my video store for vids taken during the real-time meet. There are currently over 20 clips from 4 slaves.

If you are interested in serving me in a real-time session, be prepared to tribute prior to arranging anything and know that you will pay all expenses.


Just left the ATM with $500 in RJSlave’s cash

2015-06-20 12.58.51