ChrisSlave’s Featured Drain – Nov 21, 2019 – $800.00
Forced Intox, Slave Games, Drain, Cock Worship

Today I am writing about one of my special subs, ChrisSlave, and his exceptionally deep and fun drain last Thursday, Nov. 21st. This drain lasted about 45 minutes on Skype while playing a special board game that the slave put together and edited.

The board game is littered with “Back to Start” spaces and the slave kept hitting them over and over, which ensured the game continued for far longer than the slave ever thought. Some of the other spots on the game would direct the slave to worship different parts of me like my alpha ass, cock, or my superior piss. One of my favorite tiles on the board required me to verbally degrade the faggot for two minutes, another instructed me to take a piss.

We played the game on skype and in total my little faggot sacrificed $800 to me making that his biggest single one-day drain.

The best part is that I screen-captured the entire session and have the fag consenting on video to be recorded and exposed. This is a special opportunity for you fags to watch me drain $800 from this little bitch while showing off my Alpha body.

If you want to watch the video of the drain, you can purchase it for $15.00 from my video store. (