UPDATED Sept. 8, 2015- @dadslave has paid for my weekend hotel bill. Keep checking back for new opportunities to impress me. 


As one of the most successful Masters in the known universe, I have a lot of slaves to manage. You inferior fucks need a shit-ton of guidance and abuse to keep you in line and serving me the way I like to be served. As such, I deserve a shit-ton of vacation and leisure time. So while, yes, I did just return from a cruise in the Bahammas a couple weeks ago, I just booked myself a room at a resort in one of the small towns outside of Mexico City.

The resort is up on a cliff overlooking the town and surrounding Sierra Madre mountain range. It has an awesome pool and huge observation decks to chill in the sun and relax. And don’t you think your Master deserves that? Don’t you think that I deserve to be relaxing at a resort in the mountains drinking local tequila and authentic guacamole in the middle of the week while my team of faggots slaves away working hard to pay for it?

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Of course that’s how it should happen. That is your whole purpose in life—to serve me. To sacrifice so that I can experience all the awesome shit there is to see and do in this awesome world. Those experiences should not be squandered on some faggots. That’s not why faggots exist. Even if you do try to experience the things I do, you will not enjoy them in the same way. You are inferior, you are scared of the outside world. You don’t take risks because you fail… But you do have a purpose in life. As with all things, you happened for a reason. Faggots have been placed on this planet to serve the alpha class.

Alpha males like me have so much potential and ability, that some of us are smart enough and naturally powerful enough to harness the faggot class of subhumans. That is why you are here… to be exploited and used to further empower your Master. You do the shit work, so I don’t have to… and you thank me every chance you get for giving your life some purpose and for sharing even a glimpse at my perfect life, perfect feet, perfect face, perfect body, perfect dick, perfect mind…

Now… normally I would put this sort of task up on the sidebar and let each of you chip in towards the final total… but this time I want one slave to rise above the others and pay for my hotel entirely. Not just a portion of it, but the entire two night stay. So faggot, if you have been waiting in the sidelines to really show that you want to go above and beyond the others… jump on this chance. Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor. Use the button below to pay the entire bill and show these other faggots what it means to truly sacrifice and serve your God. This is also listed on the Pay My Bills page. TOTAL COST 3,180 MEX PESOS or $190.00 USD.