Faggots, I just got back from my vacation in LA. I had an awesome time catching up with my old friends from Florida and checking out the changes since I last visited Los Angeles 8 years ago. For those of you that don’t know, southern California is a hotbed of inferior faggots just looking for an alpha Master to serve, so it’s no surprise that I managed to walk away from a two hour cash rape with over $2600. Yes fuckers, you read that right!

I call the lucky fag, CaliSlave. He has served me virtually numerous times over the past two years. He was actually one of the first slaves I raped back when I was living in Bangkok. I knew he was in LA, and when he messaged me the last night of my trip asking if I would cash rape him, I instructed him to send an Uber to pick me up. The faggot was waiting outside his condo building when I arrived, and we upstairs to start the draining. I had the faggot bring me a drink and a cigar, and then I kicked up my feet and ordered him down to worship my size 15 boots.

After lighting my cigar, I grabbed his laptop and logged into my website. Using my one-click tribute feature, I proceeded to drain his account first $200, then $100, another $100… the fag slave was whimpering and thanking me each time I clicked the “Tribute” button. Periodically I would stop to blow some cigar smoke in the faggot face. Then I took another $100 and puffed my cigar… then another $150 before his credit card cut him off.

Cash Rape in Los Angeles

$1500 in Google Wallet Deposits

I ordered the faggot to open his mouth and ashed my cigar down his throat. The sound of the cherry burning his flesh was music to my ears. Next I grabbed his debit card and instructed him to walk with me to the closest ATM. When we arrived I ordered the faggot to withdraw $600, the maximum this ATM would allow, and I grabbed the money from the machine. The total was now up to $1250 I had raped from the faggot. But I wasn’t done.

Back in the faggot’s condo I lit my cigar and ordered the slave to log into his google wallet account. For the next 30 minutes I allowed the faggot the pleasure of massaging my feet and calf muscles while I pulled another $1500 from his checking account.

Finally the faggot had taken all the draining he could handle so I went up to his bedroom and grabbed one of his clean shirts. Then I took off my sweaty t-shirt and left it as a memento. The next day the faggot Skyped me and told me he slept with my shirt against his slave nose all night. This is what you call an addicted little slave who will be getting drained by me for the rest of his life.

My next real time sessions will be in Florida next month, Jan 2016. To schedule, check out my Real-Time Meet Page. I will be in Miami, Tampa and Sarasota.