Well hello there, cash fags. If you’ve been following my twitter for the past couple weeks, you might have noticed the name “Cash Drone #444” popping up in some screenshots of hefty tributes.

This little faggot has been obsessed with me for a long time, but just recently approached me to serve. His fetish is being laughed at constantly for being such a pathetic joke of a human being. He exists to work and sacrifice for my benefit.

We have been talking daily via text message ever since he first started tributing, and he’s worked his way into my top tier of cash pups rather quickly. Take a look at some of our screenshots and flick your little cash nub thinking about my fat daddy dick receiving all this praise and wealth from so many little cash slaves.

To top it all off, this week I signed a contract to buy a new house. It is being completed now with a closing date of Dec 12. I can’t wait to share photos of my increasing wealth and constantly improving life, and I know this little Cash Drone #444 will be right there spewing cash to Daddy Jax the whole time.