Life is fucking good! Last post I was in Guatemala City relaxing at the Westin Resort and visiting some friends. Then I went up to Antigua and a spent a day touring before I flew down to Costa Rica.

This is my third trip to Costa Rica you slaves have paid for, and I always come back to one of my favorite little beach towns on the Caribbean—Puerto Viejo. As much as I love expensive cars and high quality goods, you fags know my real passion is being in nature. When I come down here, it is to remove myself from all that superficial bs and just be a sweaty & free animal like nature intended. The air is fresh, the food is all local, and the roads are ruled by bicycles.

In this online world, I see so many people lose themselves trying to put on a digital façade. I grew up running barefoot on the beaches of Florida, and I’ll fucking die that way. I only have a few days left down here in the rainforest before I fly back to Florida and get back to heavy draining, but I wanted to share with you slaves how thankful I am to be born superior and get to live this amazing life. My pups should be proud as fuck to see their Master grow from an oversized kid into a true God of Gods living a life of superior awesomeness.

Notable slaves this week… ONLYFANS! I have been killing it with OnlyFans subscriptions and renewals. Makes sense though considering for $30.00/month you get to watch a couple years’ worth of content including probably 200+ HUGE cumshots. About every day I am posting a new exclusive content there. ONLYTHEBESTSLAVE has also been consistently draining small amounts multiple times a day, and as I type this FHoleSlave just tribute another $100.00 to his King!

On average my OF is now bringing in about $100 a day, but on Saturday I had a $210 day with OnlyFans alone! Pretty amazing considering I literally spend 10 minutes a day managing it. You see how easy it is to kick ass in this world when you have my looks, brains, dick, feet, and personality? The cash simply flows right to me effortlessly!

If you’re looking for an Alpha that doesn’t just have all the physical attributes of a King but also the intelligence of a God as well… you’ve found your place.

PS- Another size 15 Alpha will soon be moving to Sarasota, FL with me, and we will be teaming up together as a duo. Be prepared to serve twice as hard.