As some of you know from following me over the years—I love island life in Florida. Ever since I was 16, I’ve been visiting Palm Island here in the gulf coast, and it has always been a dream of mine to own a piece of this paradise. Some of the things I love about this particular island is that it has zero commercial zoning, and it has no bridge access. The only ways to access the island are by personal boat or by a car ferry that cost $60 per trip. Once on the island there are no stores and there is no public parking. All of this combines to create an island sparsely populated and not very accessible to the public/tourists. There are lots of wide open natural areas, very little noise or traffic, and miles of empty beaches.

Lastly, cars are only allowed on half the island. The other half, where my condo is located, is restricted to golf carts and bikes only. I’ve always liked this because I can sit out on my massive balcony and not have to hear engines, trucks, breaks, etc. Plus, driving golf carts is insanely fun.

Last month I was staying down on the island for a long weekend (paid for by CTPupSlave, IrwinSlave, ATLPup, and FagDad), and I went to a local real estate office to check on what was available. After some browsing, I found a perfect 2-bedroom 2-bath condo out on the beach and made an offer. We did some negotiating settled on a price.

For the 6 weeks I’ve been adding items to my Amazon Wishlist and letting my good boys purchase toys and supplies for the beach pad. Of special mention when it comes to Amazon gifts, PhantomSlave has really been stepping up and making sure I have everything I will need to enjoy the island. Yesterday he bought me the game of CLUE, which HunterPup has been wanting. I should also note that as I was writing this post, ATLPup messaged and bought me another gift from the list!

Next Friday, HunterPup and I will be heading down to the new pad for the first time and spending approximately two weeks out on the beach. We want to spend a lot of time relaxing, enjoying nature, and bonding without constantly being on our phones which is why the toys and games are important.

It’s not too late to buy us a gift!! Go over to my Amazon wishlist and buy us a housewarming present we can bring out to the island in a week!