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boat 3Boat Slaves,

Your Master wants to buy a boat and begin traveling around the United States and Caribbean full time. My goal is to purchase an older boat about 34-38 feet in length (~11 meters) and restore the boat back to a solid stable condition. I will then live on the boat while traveling from anchorages to marinas exploring Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas and the Atlantic coast of the United States.

You faggots have one mission, and that is get me as much cash as quickly as possible so that I can buy my boat and begin repairs. I have a lease for my apartment which ends April of 2018, and ideally I would like to purchase the boat before that date.

Use the buttons below to make your tributes towards my boat. You may also use the buttons on the sidebar while browsing the site. Theses are the only two places you can tribute for it to be counted towards my boat fund. You will notice that the tribute amounts are repeating numbers (example: $22, $33, $444). This is how I can tell the difference between normal tributes and tributes that are specially for my boat fund.











Boat Slaves

The faggots listed in this section have gone above and beyond to serve me, their Alpha God, and have tributed towards the purchase of my boat!

newboy81-$22     weakslave-$11    sg-$22      weakslave-$11     weakslave-$11     sg-$11     weakslave-$11     yessirslave-$33     yessirslave-$33     weakslave-$11
weakslave-$11     sydneyslave-$22     lonslave-$44     mexslave-$222     sydneyslave-$77     jesusslave-$11     txfaggot-$22     daniel-$11     rickyslave-$44     yessirslave-$11     julianslave-$11     bryanslave-$22     sydneyslave-$22     cjslave-$11     yessirslave-$55     yessirslave-$55     sydneyslave-$55     verylittledickfag-$11     verylittledickfag-$22 verylittledickfag-$33     verylittledickfag-$66     jesusslave-$22     duttonslave-$77     jesusslave-$11     joeworker-$11     danielslave-$22     danielslave-$66     jesusslave-$11   sydneyslave-$22     markslave-$11     jesusslave-$11     inferiorityfag-$22     inferiorityfag-$22     inferiorityfag-$22     sydneyslave-$11     frenchslave-$11     lastpieceofshit-$33     inferiorityfag-$11     jesusslave-$22     bradfordslave-$11     sydneyslave-$11     sydneyslave-$66     danielslave-$11     germanslave-$11     germanslave-$66     littledickslave-$22     littledickslave-$55     youngbro-$11     youngbro-$11     whoompfag-$222     whoompfag-$222     whoompfag-$222   whoompfag-$222     jesusslave-$11     sydneyslave-$22     longslave-$66     lonslave-$44     cashsubuk-$11     germanslave-$11     germanslave-$11     littledickslave-$66     littledickslave-$33     germanslave-$11     whoompfag-$222     sydneyslave-$22     germanslave-$22     jesusslave-$11     littledickslave-$11     sydneyslave-$22     littledickslave-$22     littledickslave-$22     germanslave-$11     germanslave-$33     lonslave-$11     bradfordslave-$11     thongbitch68-$11     germanslave-$22     footballslave-$22     lonslave-$44     sydneyslave-$22     sydneyslave-$22     footballslave-$222     thongbitch68-$11     yessirslave-$22     yessirslave-$22     yessirslave-$22   asianslave-$11     asianslave-$11     germanslave-$44     sydneyslave-$44     jesusslave-$11     armofag-$11     armofag-$22     armofag-$11     thongfaggot-$44     germanslave-$22     footballslave-$99     fotballslave-$99     footballslave-$55     fholeslave-$55     fholeslave-$88     marcusslave-$11     marcusslave-$11     fholeslave-$77     fholeslave-$66     marcusslave-$11     marcusslave-$11     fholeslave-$33     yessirslave-$22     footballslave-$111     footballslave-$99     geneslave-$33     geneslave-$33     germanslave-$33     germanslave-$33     germanslave-$77     germanslave-$44     germanslave-$66     sydneyslave-$33     germanslave-$22     germanslave-$22     sydneyslae-$11     cjslave-$11     austinslave-$11     fholeslave-$22     cjslave-$22     footballslave-$111     verylildickslave-$66     verylildickslave-$33     fholeslave-$33     verylildickfag-$33     verylildickfag-$33     verylildickfag-$33     verylildickfag-$66