A true testament to my awesome power, the Boat Fund has already reached $563.00 on Day 1. That’s 3% of the entire amount funded in about 12 hours! But now is not the time to rest on our laurels—there is still a lot of work to be done!

@MexSlave, one of my favorite real time slaves, stole the show yesterday by making a single $222 tribute towards my boat! At first he said if the fund hit $400 before the end of the night he would send the $222, but then he was so eager to serve his Master he sent the tribute an hour later. That eagerness to serve me is what I fucking love to see from my slaves! It excites me and gets my fat dick throbbing when I see big tributes like that come in.

@SydneySlave started with a $22 tribute, but after hearing about MexSlave’s tribute, stepped it up with another $77. This Aussie fag has been working hard to send near daily tributes to his alpha.

@Weak is my tiny chink slave, who has been serving my cock for over a year. He’s an inferior Asian slave with a super small dick that worships the ground I walk on. One look at my superior American baby maker turns this chink into a human ATM. @weak made 6 tributes of $11 each towards my Boat Fund bringing his total to $66. He said if the fund hit $500 last night he would tribute another $333, but he has not yet sent the tribute and has gone into hiding. Something tells me the chink is just trying to get together the cash to make the tribute, because I know he can’t survive without his King… just like the rest of you who have been serving for years(@rickyslave).


I have always been obsessed with boats and the water. Really looking forward to upgrading from a kayak to a yacht!

@sg returned yesterday to drop $33 into his Master’s Boat fund, which made me very happy. This is another slave who has served me for more than a year, and just loves seeing his alpha get everything he desires.

@lonslave tributed $44 to my boat fund yesterday, is planning a trip to Florida for a real time meet, and was also the first tribute of the day when I woke up this morning.

@YessirSlave tributed $33 to my fund, but accidently hit the button again and tributed another $33. He thanked me for his fortunate mistake.

@newboy was the first to tribute to my fund, and it was also one of his first tributes. This is a young poor slave who is just getting started in the world, but still puts me first!


While I was sleeping, but still before midnight, @sissychubmex made one last $11 tribute towards my boat fund.

In addition to the $563.00 that came in to my boat fund, I also did a live webcam broadcast on Chaturbate which netted $186.25 in cash tributes from my CB slaves.

I posted a youtube video update and a new JasonSlave came to my site and bought one of my real time videos (MexSlave 17) for $50. DanielSlave dropped $25 in my paypal.

And that faggots, is how I took $824.25 of fag cash yesterday…