Slaves, I am back from my epic North Carolina vacation, where I got to relax in one of my family’s vacation homes that happened to be directly in the path of totality for the solar eclipse. Isn’t it amazing the way everything works out and aligns perfectly for me? In the weeks leading up to my arrival in the Blue Ridge Mountains the weather was rainy and overcast. The entire time I was visiting it was clear and sunny. When the eclipse happened, there were no clouds, and I got to see the total solar eclipse in totality for over 2 minutes. It was an amazing experience that only an alpha like me deserves. I had an awesome time enjoying the nature and fresh air. I went out tubing in the Toccoa River for a day, and gilled up some amazing steaks on my alpha deck overlooking the mountains.

Even without being online for a week, tributes continued to come in and my slaves did not let me down. SydneySlave, ThongFaggot, GermanSlave, VeryLittleDickSlave, JesusSlave, SwaggaSlave and a few others all worked extra hard to make sure I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

I’ve also been tearing it up on Chaturbate draining fags there. In case you missed it, I have moved my Live Cam over to Chaturbate to maximize my income potential and add an additional steam of cash and slaves. If you don’t already have an account there, make one using this link. Once you have your account set up, visit my “Room” and “Follow” me so that you can be notified when I am broadcasting.


This is also a perfect way for my young and broke slaves to tribute and serve me. Just make an account, upload some forms proving you are over 18, and then you can broadcast yourself and get tips or “tokens” from others. Once you start getting tokens, you can take your tokens and tribute them to me. For those obsessed with my big dick and cumshots, you can also buy those type of videos from my Chaturbate page.

The Boat Fund is something I set up earlier this month. If you haven’t visited that page and read about my plans for next year, then click here now. You faggots are really going balls to the wall to make sure I get my boat. In less than one month the fund is already at almost 10% completion, which means that by time my lease ends for this apartment next year I will be able to purchase my boat in CASH… FAG CASH! If you are looking for a way to please me, random tributes to my boat fund always put a smile on my face. JesusSlave is particularly good at that!

Skype sessions with my alpha feet and voice have been in high demand as well- Skype: MasterJax69 (min. $50). I will be producing more solo videos with foot worship, sock worship, macro, and maybe some spit and alpha ass worship too. Popper intox vids and skypes are also a popular request that I’m always happy to drain slaves with. Custom vids are a minimum of $100 for 10 min.

When you are not tributing to me or planning how to cut back your expenses so that you can serve me better, I want you slaves to be out there promoting my twitter, Instagram, dominants, tumblr, etc. There are faggots who haven’t been exposed to me, and your job is to spread the word far and wide. There is so much for your faggots to be doing even while I am not around to drain you. Tribute, Worship, Work, Sacrifice, Promote, Tribute, Worship… this is your cycle. When you make tributes, I want you to be posting about how good it felt to serve!