You are here because you want to take the first step to becoming my slave. Maybe you have given tributes in the past or maybe this will be your first. Regardless, you are not an official slave until you complete the follow steps and prove your loyalty and dedication to me.

Step 1:Your first step is to tribute a minimum of $50.00. I don’t care if you have donated $1000 in the past, you are going to follow my instructions because that’s what you are naturally designed to do. When you fill out the Slave Questionnaire, you be required to specify how you paid this tribute. IT MUST BE MADE WITHIN ONE HOUR BEFORE/AFTER SUBMITTING THE QUESTIONNAIRE.


Step 2:Now that you have made your tribute, you need to fill out the SLAVE QUESTIONNAIRE. Make sure to follow the instructions. Answer all required questions. In order for me to accept your questionnaire, you will need to have made a tribute as directed in step 1. You must reference this tribute in the questionnaire.

Click here for Slave Questionnaire 

Step 3:You made your tribute, you submitted your slave questionnaire, now what? This is where I start using you. In order to complete the process and become part of my official stable you will need to complete the four tasks below:
1. Calculate and pay your Inferiority Tax.
2. Buy one item off my Amazon Wishlist.
4. Join The 200 Club.
3. Send a photo of you with “Master Jax’s Slave” written on your chest to

Step 4:Once you complete steps 1-3, you will write a summary of the experience. Explain the emotions you felt before starting this process and how each step made you feel. The last sentence will be the total amount of money you spent during this process for both gifts and tributes. Send this in an email to Master Jax at

Step 5:Wait for confirmation. Read this post by CodySlave. Once everything has been reviewed and approved, you will receive your badges. At this point, your life is mine. Every second of the day you are to be working to make my life better. You will make sacrifices of your time and money to ensure that I get the best in life. You will spend hours on this site working diligently me. This is the final chapter of your life, enjoy it.

Now What?


1. Make sure you have created accounts on and


2. Spend time in the chatroom. Talk to other slaves and learn how to better serve me.


3. Watch my videos everyday. Even when I’m not online, it is important that you hear my voice daily.


4. Spin the cashwheels and send tributes!


5. Visit the forums. Post your welcome message. Upload content that will please me. (Coming Soon)


6. Earn badges and become a top slave.