Wow, you faggots are going nuts. I can’t keep up with you pathetic fucks looking for guidance and a REAL MASTER—one who understands you and isn’t just a fly by night loser.

Just like you faggots only want a real Master… I only want to work with real slaves. A handful of good slaves that I can cultivate are much more valuable than a hundred flakes who don’t know how to SERVE. I practice FINANCIAL DOMINATION in conjunction with domination, control, etc. If you have no finances, you cannot serve me completely.

FEET WORSHIPERS: Please be patient. A separate site devoted just to my size 15US feet is underway.

So if you are really serious about developing a personal Master/slave relationship with me, you need to prove it. It’s an unfortunate fact that this community is full of fakes.


1. Read through this site. Read through my blog.

2. Pay Tribute of $50 to receive your Slave Questionnaire. (If you don’t have an NF account, make one, it is quick and free. Using NF protects ME & U, because it is designed to process adult payments legally. At a later point we can paypal, skill, etc… The only other option is to buy a GreenDot card and email me the number on the back)

3. Fill out your slave Questionnaire and follow the instructions.

4. Only after you complete these steps will we begin communicating regularly and building a Master/slave relationship. I had 100+ fakes hitting me up on skype in a week. I want to devote my time to my real slaves. I have no time screen you out on Skype.