Yes faggot, you read that right. I just came back from a weekend vacation and have been updating the cash logs. Of course I wasn’t surprised to hit the total button and see that my year to date (YTD) cash total now exceeds $10,000… and it is only March!!

The speed at which that YTD cash total is climbing makes my cock throb, and I love thinking of new things to spend your fag cash on. Also, keep in mind that the $10,000 total is just cash money. This total doesn’t include the thousands you slaves have spent on me via Amazon Gifts this year.


That is the way a true Alpha God is born. In less than 6 months I have arrived on the Master/slave scene and risen to be one of the top Cash Masters. I am a force to be reckoned with, and yet I am just beginning. I have a list 30 points long with new ways to put my slaves to work and milk the cash out of them. Every week or two new features are being added to this site, and I can take more of your fag cash quicker than ever.

Just last week I posted a GFM fund for my Cancun trip that I am going on next week. I told you slaves to give me $428 to cover my flights and hotels while I relax and use MexSlave. When I checked the status today, you faggots had tribute 111% or almost $500 towards that goal. And this is the norm. Whenever I make one of these funds for something I want my slaves to pay for, you fags always rise to the occasion and end up giving me even more than I demanded.

Coming home to a pile of amazon gifts including a $230 computer monitor and $40 Armani shirts.

Coming home to a pile of amazon gifts including a $230 computer monitor and $40 Armani shirts.

Just another example of how nature works… I am born genetically superior to you, and therefore I get to sit back and enjoy life while you work and send me your cash. It’s survival of the fittest. No matter what happens, my success is guaranteed. It is an inborn trait. In the middle of a global recession, I can sit back and get showered with cash without lifting a finger. I went to a school for the gifted, and didn’t even have to study for a 4.0 gpa. Seeing 99th percentile on standardized tests has always been the norm. This has been the story of my life since day one. When I want something, I get it. It’s just nature.


$1,345.00 in 24 hours.


You can’t possibly imagine what life is like for a God like me, but I am generous enough to give you a glimpse into my life and allow you to be part of it. Now go make your tribute like the good slave you are and watch that YTD number grow even higher.