I know you slaves have been eagerly awaiting this post, and yes I have returned from my second real-time meet with the pathetic faggot, RJSlave. Despite not having as much time together as the previous meet, I was able to get in a decent amount of play with one of my favorite faggot fucks. The first session we had was a nice long one and the slave was feeling hungover from the night before. Early in the day I decided to do my usual morning relief without flushing… twice so the water was nice and yellow.

Then I went out and got my faggot, placing it on the floor. I duct taped his hands, eyes, and mouth then flipped him over on his stomach so I could beat the fuck out of the faggot. Using my leather belt I whipped the cunt and verbally degraded it. Kicking the helpless faggot and reminding him who his Master is. Periodically I would check the faggot’s back to see how the marks were coming along and when I was satisfied the slave had endured enough pain, I wrapped my belt around his neck and led him into the bathroom.

Removing the tape from his mouth, I ordered the faggot to open up and I shaved my beard letting the trimming pour down into his faggot mouth. I know you sick faggots both envy RJSlave for being so immersed in my superior power and are simultaneously disgusted at the acts I force him to perform. Regardless, you are jealous as fuck of RJSlave and you know it. If you had the courage and money this faggot has, you would be down on your knees eating my beard trimmings too!

With the faggot choking down my hair, I allow the bitch a bit of mercy and instruct it to wash its mouth out in the toilet. The faggot happily agrees, but he isn’t doing a good enough job so I help the little fucker by flushing his head several times. Next I bring the faggot out to the living room and force the little bitch to suck a banana the same way he sucks on fag dicks. Taunting this faggot is one of my favorite things in the world to do, so I place the banana in front of his face and instruct him to imagine the banana is his little dick. Then I stomp the fuck out of it and make the slave lick the shit from the floor and my feet.

The session continues, but you will have to buy the vids to find out more of the specifics. Needless to say the trip was a blast. In addition to making some rough domination scenes I also had the slave drive me to historic tourist shit that I had wanted to see, cook me a meal fit for a King, and take me out to a few restaurants for some good American chow. Then I kicked back and watched a marathon of Law and Order: SVU while having my giant feet carefully sniffed, licked and massaged by my faggot.

By randomly switching from rough to gentle I am able to completely fuck with the slave’s mind and keep it submissive and striving to please its unpredictable Master. This slave, despite being sick as fuck, never even tried to stop me from doing what I wanted during this session. At numerous points the faggot was approaching blackout, but its mix of fear or desire to please me kept it where it belongs… under my feet.