After my epic $1630 drain earlier this week, I just had several more kick ass days. $747.25 in cash on Wednesday and $1122.00 in cash + amazon gift cards yesterday. So much fucking draining and cash raping going on I am surprised you slaves haven’t jerked your little dicks raw seeing all those tribute notifications!

2017-08-31 10.55.07

Yesterday morning started out the way every morning should start out for a King like me. Woompfag tributed $222 to my Boat Fund and then joined my $500 Club. My $500 Club doesn’t even exist, but since CCBill raised my single transaction processing limit to $500, I figured I will make one. Next will be a $1000 Club, so get ready pathetic drainers!

Then came my daily Boat Fund tribute from GermanSlave, followed by my LittleDickSlave showing up around lunch time. We chatted for a few minutes and my hunger for cash took over meaning a $66 and $33 tribute to my alpha Boat Fund.

2017-08-31 10.57.45

Sometime before dinner my fagboy23 logged on and handed over a $250 Amazon gift card that he owed me from a couple weeks ago spinning my Ultimate Cash Wheel. Before bed, I got a notification that a slave just bought my RayFag Ass Sniffing video for $40. I slept great last night.

2017-08-30 20.16.59

Add it up, and you get $1122 in tributes yesterday.

The boat fund is now over $3,100 and climbing fast. I love that I can serve as an example to others of how a real alpha man gets things done. I will always be two steps ahead of everyone else, and a mile ahead of you slaves. My success is something that you fags can take pride in. Each of you is part of this amazing empire I am building, so keep working hard and making sacrifices to get your King where he wants to go!

2017-09-01 11.36.06