Let me tell you a little about ATLpup. He’s a short inferior slave with a small dick who has been worshiping and serving me for about a year now. In that time, I got to know the slave. I know its income levels and its lifestyle. This slave does not make a ton of money or live extravagantly, so I know this week really put a dent in this pup’s wallet. AND I FUCKING LOVE IT.

This slave typically tributes somewhere around $60 a week, which is already fucking its wallet pussy open, but this week was different. The slave broke down and gush cashed all over the place while losing its mind to my big dick, perfect body, superior intellect, giant feet.

On Dec. 1, ATLpup begged to play a Retweet Game (RTGame) with me on Twitter. I set the stakes at 2/2/2 for 30 min with 1 comment max.

The bitch got wrecked fast and hard. The game ended with the slave owing $318.00 – It paid $320.

Next I posted a receipt for a print I just ordered to have custom framed and shipped to my new place in Florida. The cost was $88.00. Instantly ATLpup covered the bill. Bringing it’s total to $406 for the day.

Then it signed up for OnlyFans again… another $30 in my pocket. On Dec. 2nd ATLpup was back with two more tributes of $25 each. Bringing his 2-day total to $486.

On Dec. 3, the little pup continued falling into the black hole of servitude. First ATLpup paid my lunch bill of $15.00, followed by paying his Inferiority Tax which came out to $215.00 once he entered his inferior measurements.

All told the slave’s 3-day binge wrecked him to the tune of $716.00.

One slave. 3 Days.