Welcome to 2020, slaves. In particular two little slaves started out the year making me very happy. The first tribute of the New Year was from my IrwinSlave in clever amount of $202.00. I love that type of service—completely unsolicited. I should also mention that my last triute of 2019 was from AlexSlave in the amount of $50.00, which I commanded him to give.

ATLPup went a different route. The morning of Jan 1 began with him paying a few outstanding bills and then covering my $38.00 grocery bill this morning. I ordered my ATLPup to sniff some poppers and he opened up even more by agreeing to a debt RT game. The stakes were set at $2/$2/$2 with a 2-comment maximum for 22 minutes… the end result was the slave added $272.00 to his already considerable debt. Now I am working with a local contract law attorney to draw up a debt repayment contract that will be fully legally binding.

Debt contracts are something that I will only consider doing with a slave after they have tributes in excess of $250 lifetime. ATLPup has now tributed close to $10,000 lifetime, which is why I trust him enough to do debt play. He always pays up in the end.

Lastly, my OnlyFans pup have gone above and beyond this year, and I know 2020 will be even better. OnlyFans alone covers my entire housing, car and health insurance, which are three very large bills that I should not have to worry about. I found that I was producing more content than Twitter could handle, and the best stuff gets uploaded to OnlyFans. If you are not part of this group, then you are not doing your full part to support me. Sign up now. It’s $13.99/month, which is low enough for all my pups to afford. www.onlyfans.com/masterjax69

Last workout of the year!