Holy fuck. I know some of you saw this on the cash log page when I posted it a few days ago. You came running to me in the chat and on skype asking for more information. So here I am to tell you how it happened. AshSlave has been serving me for about 6 months now. He was one of the first to start serving when I originally started this website last year, and since then he has tributed over $4,000.00.

He has absolutely no control when it comes to my Godly presence, and like most of my slaves he is particularly weak for my giant feet. Normally I drain this fag for $200-$300 per session, but on Feb 24th I had a different idea.

The timing was perfect. This slave’s addiction to me has been growing steadily for months, and at this point there is no doubt that he will be serving me for the rest of his life. I have a gift for reading people, and cashfags are particularly easy subjects to read.

A few days prior to this rape I took a trip to El Cigarrito and bought $100 worth of Cuban cigars. AshSlave has always begged me to smoke a cigar on cam, and I had been waiting for just the right time to fuck him over with it. This was it. I bought the cigars on the 20th and sent him a picture of them. I didn’t hear anything for 2 days, but AshSlave is a slow motherfucker. He takes time to process things, but I know he always gets my messages and reviews what I send him… so I just let it sit there. Not another word to him.

I have to admit I take extreme pleasure fucking with fag brains. I knew AshSlave was in Australia vacationing and he had seen that picture of the cigars. That image of those two Cuban cigars would play through his head over and over. I imagine AshSlave’s heart beating quickly while he sits on the plane back home. He realizes how dangerous this is going to be. Like I said… AshSlave has to process things… and just like clockwork on the night of the 24th AshSlave comes crawling to his Master. He was ready.

My first message to him was a picture of the receipt from the cigar shop converted into USD… I order him to pay the $98.00. He quickly complies. I immediately follow it with an order to pay $75.00… He does it. At this point, my thoughts are confirmed. The faggot hasn’t even seen me on cam, hasn’t even said more than a sentence or two and already I’ve taken him for $173.00.


I turn on my cam with the cigar in my hand. I taunt my little slave telling him to imagine the cigar is his little fag dick… then I slide the tip of the cigar into my cutter and slice off the end. I can hear AshSlave gasp, and I revel in the sick pleasure I get out of raping my slaves and fucking with their minds. I order him to pay $100.00; he does. I light the cigar. Another $100.00. I puff the cigar… another $150.00.

I can hear AshSlave beating his little dick hard, but I order him to slow down. Despite now having raped $523.00 in less than 10 minutes, my appetite for fag cash is not satisfied. I am amazed AshSlave has lasted 10 minutes with me… as most slaves cum within 5 minutes of seeing me on cam. Those of you who have worshipped me know the effect I have on you fucks.

I command the faggot to send another $100.00 and give him permission to cum. Then immediately order him to send another $50.00. Then another $100.00. The speed of my demands is too much and the rush of giving over complete control to me makes him cum.


But that’s only $773.00… where did the rest come from?

Less than 15 minutes after the first rape ended, AshSlave is back on Skype… “Hi Sir”

Never before have two simple words meant so much. The slave is still on a binge and craving his Master haha. Luckily my thirst for fagcash is never ending. I am a cash beast, and I decided this rape would be a fast hard one. I start him off with $100.00… I can hear him stroking again. I pick it up a bit and demand another $130.00… he picks up speed. I step it up again… $150.00… He starts breathing fast.

Nah… I’m not letting him off that easy. So I talk him down off the ledge a bit. Then taunt him with a sudden $100.00 demand. I can tell he is going crazy at this point. I remind him that he has already passed $1000.00 in the last half hour. He is ready to explode… so I demand another $100.00 hahaha… and just when I know he has lost all control… I demand $200.00. He pays of course and I can hear him shaking in pure ecstasy.


I order the fag to clean up, and laughed about all the cash I just took from him. I love the post-raping feeling I get, and I let AshSlave know how much pleasure I got out of using him. AshSlave is an example for aspiring slaves to work towards. It takes a special level of dedication, sacrifice and inferiority to hand over $1400 in cash to me.

To top off my awesome session during the last AshSlave cash rape I also had two other tributes come in from BrennenSlave and JDSlave.