That’s right little slaves, Master Jax has been approved for his new apartment in Florida. Next month I will be moving back to FL after a three-year round the world trip. Now I have secured an awesome apartment in my top choice location. This combined with my large cash reserves and stockpile of amazon gifts will make moving back to the United States and settling in my Jax Pad a breeze.

While you faggots work and slave away, I get to enjoy all the world has to offer. It fucking really is my oyster. The cash continues to pour in with over $12,500 collected in the first two months of the year. Come April I expect things to really go crazy as I will be rolling out my new streaming cam feature that is completely hosted on my own servers and not through chaturbate.

Many of you faggots have been wondering why I’m not cam with the live cam option in the menu- the truth is that inferior chaturbate system is a pain in the ass to work with and is not fit to broadcast the likes of me. Right now you fuckers can get at me via skype (MasterJax69), as you all do, but starting next month(April 2016), I will have scheduled live cam appearances where my slaves and serve me while I chill out in my new pad– right here on my website.

Traveling around the world has been amazing, but no country compares to the US in terms of comfort and power. Take a look below at some pictures of my soon to be apartment complex—complete with 2 pools, 2 jacuzzis, volleyball and tennis courts, dog park, hiking trails, lake views, gym, etc. This place is truly what a God like me deserves. Also, make sure to look this post which shows all the awesome amazon gifts you faggots have bought for me.