You heard that right slaves, I’m back from yet another slave-paid vacation. This time I spent a long weekend in Valle de Bravo in the mountains of Mexico. Rented a condo on the lake and relaxed on the dock a lot. Drank some beers, listened to music, and I even took a minute from my busy life to snap some photos and video for you fuckers. Definitely was nice to take a break from city life… not that I have a job when I’m in the city 😉 That’s why I have you.

Now I’m back home in Mexico City enjoying my awesome new 55” Samsung TV that was also paid for by my slaves. Got a new Wii game courtesy of GeoSlave and my new $300 Slow Jo watch just arrived from RickySlave.

Keep up the good work slaves. I deserve to enjoy this awesome life, and your purpose in life is to make sure I get everything I want!

Oh yea… another real-time meet will be happening with RJSlave next month, so make sure to keep an eye out for new releases in Master Jax’s Video Store.