What’s an average day in the life of Master Jax? Good question. Unlike you fucks who spend all day working day after day with just a brief period here and there for a vacation, I am on vacation every single day. So there isn’t an average day. Sometimes I wake up early and decide to head out kayaking or hiking. Other days I sleep in late and watch Netflix in bed. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I meet with a personal trainer in the morning for my intense workout and on my off-days I usually go for a run.

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Today was spent relaxing in the hot tub, soaking up the sun, swimming in the pool… and then spending a couple minutes writing this post. Just to remind my subs why they work so hard and sacrifice; so that I don’t have to have any of the stresses that the rest of you confront day to day. As a superior man, I am able to attract a stable of inferior fag slaves to take all the burdens of human life away from me.

2016-08-09 19.00.23

And isn’t that the natural order? Kings at the top living a life of luxury and focusing on sex, working out, vacations…?

Take a look at some pictures I snapped earlier and then pull out your wallets and start draining like you know you are meant to do. Peace out, slaves.
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