You slaves are going crazy this month just like you were last month and the cash is flying in from all directions. Life couldn’t be better. I live in an awesome city, and I have my stable of slaves working day and night to fill my bank account to higher and higher levels. I don’t have to work, and I’m taking $1000-$2000 a week in tributes. These number are no long anomalies, but have become a norm in my life.

Chillin with my giant combat boots. Ready to stomp some slaves!

Chillin with my giant combat boots. Ready to stomp some slaves!

True fucking story… I now have other “masters” coming to me and giving me their money. No fucking shit. Three of them so far. I won’t name any names, but something tells me there are going to be more as my popularity continues to increase.

It appears that I am now being talked about in various forums and chatrooms I didn’t even know existed and have never visited haha. Other masters are getting furious that I am starting to take such a big chunk of the pie… but I deserve it. I am the tallest, I am the smartest, I have the biggest feet… so naturally I should take the most. You slaves know this because this how you live your life… some of these other masters are just beginning to learn their place… beneath my size 15 feet. Every day new slaves are coming to me and lining up to serve the one Master they know is superior to all others.

Here is breakdown of the my tributes so far in March:

CWSlave – $30.00 GFM
JPSlave – $135.00 GFM CCB
AshSlave – $300.00 PP
CWSlave – $30.00 PP
FrancoSlave – $25.00 PP
MatzSlave – $50.00 PP
MexSlave – $48.00 GFM
JamesPSLave – $95.00 CCB GFM
ArchieSlave – $50.00 PP
AndersSlave – $25.00 CCB
FrancoSlave – $30.00 PP
RJSlave – $66.00 GFM
JamieSlave – $50.00 GFM
JacobSlave – $61.00 GFM CCB
JacobSlave – $145.00 NEL GFM
AdamSlave – $50.00 PP
JPSlave – 200.00 BOA

Cash – $1,390.00
Amazon Gifts – 382.32

Total Tributes from Mar 1 – Mar 5: $1772.32

Do you know how many other Masters who have been in the scene for years would love to have those numbers?? And the best part is… I am just beginning, slaves. I am adding more and more every fucking day. New pictures on social media, new videos, new blog posts, new cash log updates, new gift log updates, new website features…. It just keeps growing and growing. There is no doubt in my mind that my total tributes will hit $1,000,000 in the not too distant future. And you are going to live your lives drooling over me and watching how I spend all your money to live an amazing life that I deserve.

Also, I am starting to have my slaves make direct ACH bank payments to my US federal student loans. I currently have $17,000.00 left. If you are a slave who wants to starts paying off my student loans for me, just send me an email at, and I can set you up to login and make payments towards my account. Last night JacobSlave became the first slave to start making these payments. He is now sending $100 a month.

Confirmation of JacobSlave's first $100 payment.

Confirmation of JacobSlave’s first $100 payment.

Now, let’s get this total even higher. It’s 3PM on Mar. 5th… no reason we cannot add another hundred or two for the day haha!

I am GOD. Welcome to your new religion.