Definition of American Cash Master- 2 years in the scene and over $140,000.00 cash raped. I know alphas that have been in the scene for a decade and haven’t taken in so much cash and gifts. As of writing this all the cash and gift logs have been updated. It took a bit of work, but I wanted to make sure EVERY last tribute was included.

Today I updated the Inferiority Tax page and added @prabha_scindia, @sissydiaperfag, @jocksneaker, and EthanSlave. Their combined taxes came out to a cool $648.00 in my pocket.

Tonight, I will update the 200 Club page, and add my grocery bill to the Pay My Bills page. @fholeslave will be the first to pay this bill, and he doesn’t even know it yet 😉 Speaking of FHoleSlave, I am thinking of having the slave fly over to Florida before it starts work again later this month. You fuckers will likely be seeing some real-time videos popping up very soon.

2016 was an amazing year, and 2017 is going to be another new adventure. I will be in Florida until May 1. I will then spend May in Budapest and June in Finland. After that I might go to Paris or Prague for a few weeks before returning to the United States.

Once again, this is just another sign of my power. I get to spend 3 months hanging out in Europe during the summer without a care in the world. In fact, I have already used your cash to pay for my apartments in Budapest and Finland. My flights have also been paid for. My place in the USA in August has already been paid.

Euro slaves, get ready to serve your American Cash Master.

Straight American Cash Master

American Cash Master Jax