I am just wrapping an awesome week in NYC. I scheduled two real time meets with some of my NY slaves, and I had a great time getting worshipped like the King I am. My loyal slaves made quick work piling up cash as they stopped by to kiss and grovel at my huge feet. VanillaSlave was first. This faggot has been serving me for some time virtually, and jumped on the opportunity to meet his Master in real life. What a lucky fuck. I had the slave come over first thing in morning so that he could also bring me breakfast. I grabbed my food, grabbed my $200 cash and put the faggot to work sniffing my alpha foot scent for a solid hour. Now the faggot is planning a trip to FL to continue his session!

Later the same day I went over to Brooklyn to be massaged and worshiped by another slave. After my long day I passed out on the couch while getting my foot rub and when I woke up a couple hours later the slave was happily still kneading my calf muscles and feet. I told him to order me a couple tacos for dinner, which he did. Then I took his $250 cash and headed back to my apt.

The next morning, I planned on heading to Governor’s Island to practice my photography, but while waiting at the ferry in southern Manhattan I noticed a bunch of helicopters coming and going from the heliport next to the ferry. I walked over and told them I wanted a helicopter trip, handed them a handful of my fag’s cash from the previous dya and within a few minutes I was being flown around NYC on a private helicopter tour. Fucking amazing.

When you are the King like me, this is what life consists of. Vacations, travel, kayaking, camping on private islands, helicopter tours, getting massaged while I pass out after a long day.

Now fuckers, I’m going to get back to my amazing life… and you will click away and drain your cash into my account.

2016-09-11 19.21.30

Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges at sunset taken by Master Jax.

2016-09-12 12.48.38-1

Size 15 feet in Riverside Park. Upper West Side Manhattan, NYC.

2016-09-12 12.52.16 HDR

Fuck you from the park.

2016-09-13 13.07.32

My helicopter being prepared.

2016-09-13 13.15.22

View from my awesome fucking tour.

2016-09-13 13.18.30

Midtown Manhattan

2016-09-13 13.22.42

Looking like a fucking BOSS.