Slaves, Your Master has returned to the United States! It feels awesome to be back in America… we have the best of everything here. Sleeping back in my big bed, buying giant jugs of milk, huge American roads– Awesome.

I started off my arrival with 12 Days of Jaxmas—a challenge you slaves completed in about 12 hours. I got shoes, underwear, socks, LED lights, luggage, books, maps, shorts, and a bunch of other awesome stuff. I have to say this Jaxmas was the best yet.

Hanging out in FL is legit. Went to the dentist twice and still have one last appointment. I don’t want to pay for this dental shit, so you slaves are picking up the tab. $300 worth of it. I know it is Christmas. I know everyone is stretched for cash, but I also know you won’t let me down. As always, pleasing me needs to be at the top of your priority list. So click here to pay… and then send me an email thanking me.

I am excited about moving to Mexico City. I will leave FL Jan 6th and fly up to Massachusetts to have my feet worshiped by a slave. Then I will fly down to Mexico City on Jan 10. I expect you slaves to make it an easy move for me. It will be much easier for me to make vids and hang out on skype once I have my own place again. Right now I am staying with family and friends in my hometown.

I can’t wait to put my new shoes and luggage and stuff to work on my upcoming trip. You slaves make this an awesome life! Keep it up. If you want more vids on youtube, then you gotta pay for my life!!

I also added a page with the history of my past cash tasks. Check it out.