Fuckers, last night I updated my cash log. Fucking epic! In just the last month I’ve drained close to $9,000, and while that is awesome… I know going forward there will continue to be more slaves serving and even more cash flowing into my bank account.

Last week I went up to North Carolina and enjoyed a vacation at a family cabin in the mountains. Was really great to surround myself in the greenery of the forest, much like how I’m surrounded by the greenery of fag cash here in Florida.

Did some awesome hikes, checked out two waterfalls—one in GA and one in TN. I also hung out for a night and bar hopped around downtown Chattanooga. Actually that’s not a bad city. Good night life considering the small size and location.

Funding this awesome lifestyle of mine has been hordes of fucking cash drained from my loyal servants. Last night I updated the 200 Club and wouldn’t you know, I had to 18 tributes of $200.00 to the fucking page– WeakSlave even threw in an extra $100 tip with his 200 Club tributes? All in just one month. Now that is fucking power. Go check out my 200 Club page now and see how much has been pouring through solely in $200 tributes.

Here’s a list of the $200 tributes from just the last month. Now fucker, if you haven’t made at least one $200 tribute yet, and your name is not on this list— then you have some work to do! Nothing in your life is as gratifying and fulfilling than serving ME and knowing that I am taking all of your small lives and allowing them to be part of something greater.

DickeySlave—- 7 times ($1400.00 last month)
FagFeetSlave—- 6 times ($1200 last month)
FHoleSlave—- 3 times ($600 last month)
WeakSlave—- 2 times ($500 last month)