Faggots, this Jaxmas was the best one yet. As I am wrapping up my first year in the domination scene, I’m proud as fuck at the empire I have built so far. My faggots are working harder than ever to tribute more and more of their fag cash to me. I feel the power flow through my veins, and every new faggot and new tribute notification I get just makes me stronger.

Three particularly pathetic faggots have really stepped up over the last few days to show their true inferior nature. They have sacrificed hard to please their Master.


This little faggot appeared out of nowhere just 12 hours ago, and already it has been drained of over $500.00. The faggot is now broke, but looking forward to being paid in a few days so that he can continue to feed his cash hungry Master.

Immediately after registering on my cash draining website, the faggot tributed $99.00 for his Jaxmas contribution. I shot him a chat message, and the faggot told me that he had just come across my amazing site and was in total awe of my superiority. I toyed with the little cash slave for a few minutes before demanding a second $99.00 tribute. He complied like the good little faggot bitch he is.

faggot getting cash raped

The faggot mentioned how he always wanted to find a superior man with huge feet and huge dick. Of course I knew the faggot had seen my massive feet, but one look at my cock would fuck this faggot up for life, and I was right. Once he saw what I packing he submitted like never before and drained another $350.00 in the course of about 30 minutes. The little faggot was fucking his ass with a dildo and kneeling before a picture of my feet while sending tribute after tribute to his Master.

Best Cash Master Jax

This was the first time I used the live cam feature on my site, and fuck was it a success or what? There will be more to come, and I have started the process of getting a much more powerful server and live video streaming/broadcasting capabilities on the site.


This Australian faggot has been serving me for over a month on a regular basis. When he first found my website he immediately accepted his role as my inferior bitch and went through the process of becoming an Official Slave. The most degrading part of this procedure is answering my lengthy slave questionnaire and revealing all his person details.

The little tiny ant loves to pay my bills and ensure that my life is as perfect as possible. Just over the last few days the slave has paid his $99.00 Jaxmas tribute along with several of my bills, while also sending tributes for my pocket money as well. Actually, while I was writing this blog post the faggot paid one of my newly posted bills– $13.13 for lunch at a Spanish restaurant I tried this week.

Straight Cash Master


Another new slave, FagFeetSlave came into my realm a few days ago. He emailed me asking to purchase the one remaining shoe I had left. He made a Jaxmas tribute, bought a vid, and then disappeared for Christmas. The day after Christmas the faggot returned to my site for a chat with his Master. Over the next hour I drained the fucker of $181.50. He paid bills off my Pay My Bills page, tribute cash to my planet ticket fund, bought my lunch for the day… Basically he was a good little cash fag that got used by his Master and loved it.

The three of these faggots stood out over the last few days of Jaxmas. And faggots, to give you some idea how powerful I have grown in the last year, over the last 3-4 days I have drained close to $2,000 from my slaves. That is how a God lives.