As I am sure you fuckers saw from my Cash Log, last week I had a fucking amazing drain of one of my newer fags, LiarSlave. This little fucker is a popperfag. He loves to be totally fucked up on his poppers, and then call his Master and tribute a little bit of cash. However, when he sees my perfect face on cam, he simply can’t control himself… and what faggot can? I am simply perfect.

So last week this faggot messages me on Skype telling me that he was out partying. He is fucked up. He has his poppers and he needs to serve me. Fine, I have him send me a token tribute to make sure he isn’t fucking around, and he sends it instantly.

2016-04-04 17.34.09

I jumped on the Skype where the fucker is lying in bed jerking his little fag dick. I get him nice and fucked up, then start draining. After the $1000 mark, I have him reveal his face on cam and tell the camera that he is making these tributes out of his own free will and will in no way attempt to reverse the payments. Then I pushed him on and really had some fun. Half an hour later his card declined and he was informed that he hit his $2500 daily spending limit!! Instantly upon hearing this from his bank his little fag dick exploded.

The faggot thanked me repeatedly for the best night of his life until I hung up on him and went out for a drink with some friends. At the bar I bought everyone a round of drinks and showed them my cell phone with all the payments just a few hours earlier. We had a good laugh… then I returned home and saw other faggots had been tributing while I was out.

$2600+ in a night… yeah that’s exactly what I deserve.

2016-04-04 17.31.48 2016-04-04 17.31.54