Faggots, this is some exciting news. Just got the cash log updated and the new total for 2016 is $55,252.40. This breaks last year’s total of $54,703.68, and there is still Oct, Nov, and Dec left of this year to bring that cash total even higher!

Not only do we have Jaxgiving next month and Jaxmas in December, but this month is my birthday. The Amazon gifts have been pouring in, which is awesome because I am prepared for lots of camping this winter. In south Florida that is the best time for beach camping.

I think this year I am going to do something with my birthday. I really want the Hamilton watch on my Amazon list which is priced at around $375. I am going to let several slaves all go in together on the watch. Maybe $150.00 each from three slaves. I know RickySlave is going to be one. Probably have RyanSlave be the other… then which one of you faggots will be the third? 😉 Leave a comment and tell me why you should be the lucky fuck to fund part of my birthday watch.

watch i want

This is the watch you fuckers are going to buy me for my birthday!

In addition to my watch, I want cash for my birthday. I have this trip to Costa Rica coming up and I expect to be living it up on my 10-night beach vacation. I already rented the villa I will be staying at, and it is right on the beach. You fuckers are going to be drooling and jerking your tiny dicks to the upcoming pics of me relaxing on the beach while you work and sacrifice.

Also, I just uploaded this awesome video of me opening a bunch of new Amazon Gifts. To give you some idea of how many gifts I have coming in, this would be about a third or a quarter of my weekly gift haul. I actually have a pile of gifts in the kitchen to open as well. FUCKING LOVE MY ALPHA LIFE!