Cash Slaves, This year has been fucking great!! 2015 was my first complete year in the domination scene, and I raped almost $55k from my weak pathetic slaves. This last month shows the sort of growth I have experienced in just 1 year. In December, I collected $9,107.46 in cash tributes and $1,134.92 in Amazon gifts. That’s over $10,000 in a single month. For comparison, in January of 2015, when I first started, I collected $2,410.00 in tributes. That is some phenomenal fucking growth, and that’s why I know next year is going to be even better.

Best Cash Master Jax Year In Review

Another reason 2016 is set for a Jaxplosion is that I will be returning to the United States on April 14th. Some of you faggots may not know, but I have spent the last 3 years traveling around the world in epic style. I started with three months backpacking from Guatemala down to Panama—El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica… Then I flew to Bangkok, where I lived for the next 1.5 years. While living in Thailand I traveled all over Asia—Singapore three times, Kuala Lumpur three times, Hong Kong, Philippines, Cambodia four times, Laos twice, Tokyo… Then I left Bangkok and spent the next three month in Europe. I did a couple weeks in Finland, then a month in Budapest, a month in Rome, and a month in Madrid. In January of 2015, I moved to Mexico City, and began building my empire.

In just the last year, I have done more than a dozen real time meets, and it has become evident that I am needed in the United States. If I did that many real-time meets from Mexico City, just imagine how many more I can do operating from the states.

Straight Dominant Cash Master Travels Around The World

Unlike the other “masters” who make up their totals, my website is 100% transparent. Every tribute that gets raped from my slaves is meticulously recorded in the cash log along with the fag’s slavename. I have no problem posting confirmation of my CCBill reports or bank statement deposits. In fact, I share these images with pleasure, because as the rest of you suffer and struggle to get by, my empire grows stronger and stronger. This is exactly as it should be.

Also coming in 2016 will be a new platform for my streaming video broadcasts. Once this system is in place, it will be much easier for me to broadcast my video and also for you faggots to stream your video as well. This is going to be a fucking blast of epic proportions.