My slaves have been busy as fuck lately. In just the last couple days I have added two more Official Slaves to my stable. GeoSlave eagerly completed all the steps and is already learning to serve. He got a little emotional while I was traveling back to Mexico from Tennessee, so I gave the faggot a homework assignment, which he promptly completed.

FiveFt8Slave is also a new slave. He has been funding my new TV, and he is eager to start serving me in other ways.

Additionally, I have all kinds of awesome Amazon gifts coming in. I got back home after the real-time with RJSlave and had a pile of gifts waiting. NickSlave bought me a crystal vase; ToddSlave got me a chill Adidas hat… also had tons of new XXL socks come in. A few days ago I found out I have a new watch coming from RickySlave that should be here in the next week—I’ll post pictures when it arrives. It’s fucking kick ass. I love when slaves sacrifice their hard earned paychecks to buy me gifts from Amazon. I just added a few new items to my list—a new piece of carry-on luggage, some weights, and a portable battery charger.

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SFSlave was 3 days late with his monthly payment of $200. He is under contract and the contract stipulates a $25 per day late fee, so it was enjoyable to watch him squirm as he dealt with his banking issues.

RJSlave is eager as fuck to come to Mexico City and serve me some more… I wonder if he can afford it!? I’ve also been doing some awesome numbers in terms of video sales. Yesterday I sold over $200 in videos and today I have sold over $300. Plus I have tributes coming in for my new TV. It’s nice that I have CodySlave to update the Cash Log because it’s been full of activity lately. You slaves are hungry as hell.

2015-06-25 00.22.58