This last week has been incredible. Since I’ve been back from vacation and draining fags on the regular my numbers are exploding. Yesterday I hit it out of the park. The morning started out with a slave I call my youngbro making two $11 tributes to my Boat Fund. Given that this is a college slave, that’s a decent sacrifice of an already small income. Next, I sold a pair of my worn Puma’s to a Facebook slave for $60, then my VeryLittleDickSlave popped onto my website’s chat and tributed another $77. I spent some time on live cam with my Chaturbate Slaves and drained another $78 there. At this point my total for the day was $237—not bad at all.

But my alpha senses told me something big was coming, and around 8pm I started seeing some notifications pop up on my phone about a $180 vid sale. When slaves buy vids from my store, posts are automatically generated on my twitter feed to spread the news—just one reason why my website is the best place to drain. When my mexslave saw the tribute, he retweeted it and my alpha phone started to blow up. I checked my website and the new slave WhoompFag was there waiting. Immediately it tributed $222 to my Boat Fund, then bought another $175 in videos. As I chatted with my pathetic new slave he tributed another $222 to my boat fund, then another $222.

Being an insatiable Master, I demanded WhoompFag to pay its Inferiority Tax, which it promptly did at $150. Finishing the night off with a bang, the slave sent another $222 to my boat fund putting it over $2,500. In just one day, I drained over $1000 into my Boat Fund—that is a statement to my power. When an alpha like me wants something, I fucking get it!

The total yesterday came to $1630, but even today things are still on fire. WhoompFag was back this morning with another $200 to join my 200 Club, then MaloneSlave paid $200 for a Skype session (MasterJax69 for skype). My GermanSlave loves to hang out on my website as he is on vacation this month, and he obeys every command immediately. This morning it was another $11 to my boat fund. lonSlave’s fag dick must have picked up on the excitement in the air, because he popped up on my site and quickly handed over $100 in fag cash, and my GermanSlave immediately made another $11 tribute to my Boat Fund after seeing lonSlave’s tribute. All the cash had my dick throbbing, so for fun I went on Chaturbate and drained another $71.25. Those lucky slaves got to see my 8 inch alpha cock shoot a massive powerful load all over my desk while I talked about how much cash I’ve been collecting.

If you do some math, that means today I am already at $593.25 and I got off—what a happy fucking Master you fags make me!